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"What should I do"
I am in a relationship that I have been in for about 3 years, we have had our ups and downs. But then I cheated on him twice. With two different people. I told him and he still wants to be with me. He is very good to me and all but I am wondering whats on the other side. I had been presude by Johnny who seems like so much more fun, and all, but now I am confused on who I should choose, I like Johnny a lot... but I care so much for my soon to be ex. What should I do???

posted by Angie on 12/15/2007 @5:51:01 PM •
Well.. if you love ur bf, then you should stay loyal to him. unless you feel you really would be happier with someone else.
i mean were all human,but cheating is just a sign of loosing intrest.
there seriously is NO excuse to "cheat" on anyone. because if you really loved them, why cheat?
its your decision, i hope i was help.
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posted by Jamie on 12/15/2007
Here's how I see it: the guy you are with will totally forgive you for the things that you have done. That you know. The other guy seems fun, but what else? Fun is temporary. Forgiveness is permanent. Someone who forgives you for something like that (and still wants to be with you) is rare. You may want to reconsider the soon-to-be ex.
posted by Ashlee on 12/15/2007
I think you should definately stick with the guy who will forgive you, because guys like him will always take care of you. He will probably be a foundation for you, steady ground to stand on when everything else is crumbling down around you. I don't know the specifics of your situation, but it sounds like he's with you thick and thin. Fun relationships come and go, and sometimes the fun part is only because you don't really know anything about them. Mystery is intriguing. But if you decide to stick with your "soon to be ex" as you call him, make sure he's really what you want. If he isn't, don't play around with him, let him get on without you. If he's anything like what I think he is, all he'll really want is for you to be happy. So follow your heart. Take time out of your day to just sit, be quiet and listen to what your heart of hearts is telling you. But remember, your not the only one affected by your decision. Do the right thing for both of you. If you truly think you can turn yourself around and be faithful, stick with him. But if you know in your heart that you'll just keep doing it, let him go. It will be painful, but less painful than living a lie and continuing to make mistakes. Sometimes the easiest decision isn't always the right one.
posted by Patrick on 12/20/2007
First of all, how dare you to cheat on someone! I will give no advice to you.
posted by Sara on 12/21/2007

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