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"I'm turning into a psycho-jealous gf! "
Help! My relationship is turning me into a complete psycho! Before me and my bf went out he told me that this blonde-traditionally hot-hollister girl was hotter than me. And when we first started going out I didn't think about that. But as our relationship progressed I started feeling insecure whenever she wore a skirt or a low cut top and he looked her way. I started getting jealous and ****ing about it to him. He told me that he didn't really mean it and that he loved me best. For a while that kept me content. We continued dating happily with minor disagreements one of which was checking other girls out while I'm with him. He told me he would stop, reassured me that I was what he wanted, and that he didn't even notice that he was doing it (he really didn't do it much or obviously, I was being crazy.) As we continued dating (7 months then) we got into fights over girls and stuff and over the time a number of 8 or 9 cases had accumulated. One day when we were arguing I said something along the lines of "that blonde tramp" and noticed that every girl he's ever thought was hot (besides me) was blonde. (I'm not saying I'd been an angel, we had a fair share of fights about me too.) After that we had a long period during which we fought non-stop and almost broke up. But eventually things quieted down and we were good again. That is, until I was in class one day and had to make up a test so my teacher seated me facing a wall, away from the class. I concentrated on my test and only turned around once. Guess what I saw that one time. He was staring at the bleached blonde girl (the one I mentioned earlier) for like 2min straight before he turned back and noticed me watching. He smiled and waved. I just glared and finished my test. After class he acted like nothing was wrong. I was furious. Ever since then I've been crazy jealous of him even glancing her or any other blonde girl's way. I get so hurt and angry and I can't help it no matter what he says, even when I realize how crazy I'm being I feel so hurt that he doesn't think I'm hotter and looks at other girls. I'm not trying to sound conceited but I'm a pretty good looking from what I've been told. Now I just feel like I'm never good enough and I don't know what to do about it. That's not all, I've developed a bitter view of "men are ****s and all they want is sex, they're looking for the next best thing." And I notice all the media that portrays blondes as being hotter than brunettes and get even more bitter that my hair color even matters. So now I'm psycho-jealous, bitter, and can't help but think that all men are the same. Help! What do I do?
posted by Ritta on 6/16/2009 @11:07:35 PM •
okay, so im 13..but idc. ive got decent advice..most the time. lol. well, in my opinion..the guys a ****. dont beat yourself up for something HE did. dont you see what he's doing? he's making YOU feel like the bad guy..and you're not. if you're dating a guy..he should think no one is as beautiful as you are. a guy is suppose to make you feel calm and special and wonderful? do you feel like that? no. you feel like a "psycho-jealous bitter gf". do NOT beat yourself up over this. he isnt worth it.'re not a psycho-jealous bitter gf...just a woman tired of a guys ****. lol. hope i helped:]
posted by amber (age 13) on 6/17/2009

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