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"is he the guy"
I've been seeing this guy who I am completely in love with. He's going through a divorce and feels like at this point he can't offer me anything. We've had a full blown relationship where he considered me to be his girlfriend. But just recently he stopped all communication with me. When we finally did talk he told me the reason was because he was spooked. He wants us to remain friends but I still love and care about him. And when we are together its hard to not want to kiss and hug and make love to him. He doesn't want me as a girlfriend but he can't see me with someone else. And I'm afraid that if I look for someone I will lose him. I'm so confused and hurt and I don't know what to do.
posted by dianne (age 34) on 6/21/2009 @11:36:50 AM •
Run don't walk in the other direction. This guy is using you.
You will find someone with morals, who is trustworth of your love. Why squander it on someone who doesn't love you? So, you'll loose a loser..what's the big deal. He was another woman's lover/spouse before you. He'll be somone's else after you. Get on with your life. If it hurts now it will hurt 1,000 times worse once you keep hanging on to someone WHO DOES'NT LOVE YOU.
posted by Lu on 7/22/2009

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