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I have been dating a wonderful guy for the past few months. I'm gay, so if you have a probelm with sexual orientation, please move on. I drive out to his townhouse every Friday night and return to the city on Monday morning. I recently spent an entire week at the townhouse helping prepare it for his daughter's high school graduation. I was curious how an entire week together would feel, and we got along great. His family, friends and co-workers flew in for the graduation, and he wanted them to meet me. He hasn't asked my to fully move-in, but he said I am welcome to spend every night at the townhouse and only use my apartment during the day for work or whenever I want to go back (I'm a self-employed designer and work from home). Is it too soon to share most evenings together, or should I give it a shot to see if the chemistry lasts? He's divorced with three children (18, 14 and 12). I've met the kids and ex-wife, and we all get along fine. She has a boyfriend, too, so there isn't much tension. I'm a little confused by all the dynamics- I assume he wouldn't ask me if he didn't want me there, but I don't want to impose on a delicate situation.
posted by David on 6/23/2009 @2:20:07 PM •
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