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Hi there! My name is Mau and I'm 13-yrs. old. I live in Philippines. We're five in the family. I have 1 older sister and 1 younger brother. My father is a senior technician. My sister had a cancer but luckily she was operated and she's doing well now. She's at college and i'm at my 3rd yr. of my high school. My parents' hard earned money was used for my sister's medical problems and the money left was used for her college tuition. My mother has no job because she quitted her job when she was pregnant to me. My father borrows money from my aunt in U.S. and we're actually in debt right now. My aunts and uncles helped in my sister's medical problems. My problem is my mother. She's used in being inside the house and do household chores. But now she wanted to apply a job in a call center to help my father. I'm sad and frustrated because i dont want my mother to work because if she did she'll be going home late she's tired yet she has some chores to finish. I'll help too. Im in highschool yet im acting like a gradeschool cuz i dont even want cross the street alone. I'm used to have my mom wake me up in the morning and she'll cook breakfast. Yeah, we badly need money. I'm not even sure if I'm going to attend my JS prom or even study for college cuz of the tuition. I'm too tired literally. Can u give me some advice or any encouragement for my soul? my mom's not sure if she'll be accepted for the job.
posted by Maureen (age 13) on 6/29/2009 @5:03:49 AM •
You aren't lost. You are a child, as such, please understand parents do what is best for the family. If mom has to work, that's the way it is. You can't chnage reality; you learn to adapt. It is called growing up to be a lady. I never went to my J/S prom and I have no doubt if I could have afforded a dress, I would have been there. Hang on tight, life is a roller coaster ride.
posted by Lu (age 16345) on 7/23/2009

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