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"which one to pick"
I have always been a pretty popular person in school. I found these two girls and started hanging out with them but they have a lower social status than me. One of them dresses rather punky and has a thing for horror themes. My friend for a long time doesnt get along with my new friends and started calling them names. The punky one got mad and told my other friend off. My friend for a long time told me she didnt want to talk to me if I was hanging around with those bad influences, but I think they are good people. I feel like I have to choose one. What should I do?
posted by In the Middle on 1/4/2008 @10:14:43 PM •
if they're good people, then that's your answer: stick with the good. now... if they really are bad influences with drugs or something, you should definitely run for it. but if they're "bad" because they're different, then it's all silliness. i'd tell my friend to stop being silly and talk about something else...

popular is having lots of different types of friends, anyway.
posted by james on 1/7/2008

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