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"im confused."
okay so im datin this guy named todd. and he is always tryin to make me happy and he does. he always wants to by me stuff that i need and want.. but sometimes when he is at work and he calls he thinks that im bein rude to him and ends up to him hangin up on me and i usualy dont hear from him until he comes home. i mean its only an hour and half but i still worry .. but when he thinks im bein rude im just talkin like i always do.. i need to know if i should change the way i talk or what .. please help !!
posted by teela (age 19) on 6/30/2009 @3:18:26 PM •
sounds to me that you should try changing the tone of ur voice and if that doesnt work then you should sit down and talk to him
posted by alexa on 6/30/2009

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