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"to give pics or not?"
one talent agency saw my pictures on the internet.they offered me to send them the pictures for making the billboard ,always mentioning that the payment will be done. But i am not sure-the agency is new and there is no info about it on the net, and the sum offered is too big for a beginner like me. and also, I dont have an agent to represent me. What should I do? should i ask for the money first? i kinda feel like i am being fooled a bit.

would be grateful for any adice given!
posted by Nat on 7/1/2009 @11:15:23 AM •
No monies no pictures! Have a lawyer call this firm; go to their Dunn & Bradstreet report, look up their corporation in your state.
Protect yourself.
posted by Lu on 7/22/2009

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