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"different feelings"
okay well me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now. At first I really liked him alot and he felt the same way about me. But as time passes by I don't feel the same way anymore. I don't want to break his heart either. I'm confused. What do I do?
posted by Sabrina on 7/4/2009 @6:43:37 PM •
I think you should call him up and then meet somewhere where you know you're comfortable to tell him. Just tell him that as time passed by, you don't feel like you really liked him but you could still be friends.
posted by Jayfizzle55 on 7/5/2009
sounds to me like if you really dont like him anymore, to break it off before its too late and its gets harder. make sure your making the right decision. it would suck if you broke up with him and then realized you made a huge mistake and cant get him back.
posted by alexa (age 16) on 7/8/2009
if the spark is gone its over, go find real love
posted by marie on 7/8/2009

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