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"I don't like how my life is"
I am a kid who is about to star highschool and i am so paraniod about everything! I have no family where I live and I don't hang out with my friends. My parents don't take me seriously and the only person who i can talk to is my cousin who lives like across the country. We have financial issues where I live and i tell my family to move to new york because all of my family does except for my dad. And i'm just so stresssed out and mad because I don't like how i'm making my life! I don't know what I can do to make my parents to move because we have only a house and a small grocery store here!
posted by anonymous on 7/5/2009 @6:55:34 PM •
having your parents take you seriously can be pretty annoying. i would kno! you need to sit them down and tell them everything your feeling. maybe you can understand where there decision is coming from to. good luck. you will be fine. 4 more years till college. seems long, but it flies by......
posted by alexa (age 16) on 7/8/2009

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