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I know my ex for about a year till i dated him. We dated and had the best relationship and dated for almost 6 months. We were very much "in love". But then he left me and dated another girl in an houre after we broke up. ITs been a year and ive been trying to date other people yet everytime i try i cant date them for too long withought getting him off my mind.

I am 13 and i think i know what true love is. Its like everytime im not around him i half to get the urge to call him or txt or even go hang out with him. I can not stand being away from this boy.
posted by Ashley (age 13) on 7/6/2009 @8:18:39 PM •
i think u should try talking to him and tell him how u feel cuz u never no mabye he feels the same and if he doesnt i would say watever hes not worth it and move on becuase if he gets a new gurl an hour later he kinda sounds like a jerk and mabye hes not even worth it cuz u can prob get other guys who actaully treat u right i just think that mabye u cant get him off ur mind becuase u still havent met a guy who u really like like u did for that guy soo yeah just try talkin to him and see how he feells and if he doesnt feel the same hes not even worth it but yeah good luck i hope everything works out :)
posted by allie on 7/7/2009
sounds like you should probably experiment with other guys. its going to hard to move on, but you can do it. maybe you will meet someone better, who would never leave you for another girl. in the mean time you should try to keep yourself busy and erase his contact so you wont keep on going back to texting him and ending back at square one. good luck!!! :)
posted by alexa (age 16) on 7/8/2009
to be quite honest your wasting your time. you're chasing after him is like a dog chasing his tail ...and he doesn't care so get over it and go find someone who will really love has to be a two street its the only way love will last
posted by marie on 7/8/2009
If the guy you like is a guy you can really open up to, try and tell him how u feel, tell him that u still like him, i cant seem to forget u. I am just wondering if you feel the same. Just try it. LIve every moment like your last. Cuz i am 13 and i think i no wat love is too, but the guy i like is moving away, so i am running out of time to tell him how i feel, so tell him how u feel, cuz u dont want to look back on this when u r older and say i wish that i could have done this differently.
posted by Alyssa on 7/10/2009

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