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"Friend Problems"
Ok well.. this year i got in a huge fight with my best friend.. it lasted for about 3 months. And the fight started because this other gurl started telling my best friend all these lies and like told her that i backstabbed everyone when i didnt. She was trying to turn my best friend against me, and sadly she did. But then later that year we finally all made up. But now things are getting bad again.. Like right now i am getting closer to my old best friend which is awesome, but of course the other gurl does not like that and now shes telling everyone how much she hates her for like no reason at all. and now shes even trying to convince me to be done with my best friend and i dont like that. i think shes only doing that cuz she doesnt want me and my old best friend to be close again... so like now idk wat to do cuz this whole year shes been trying to break me and my best friend apart and now that we get closer again shes trying to do it agian and like idk wat to do should i be done being her friend? or should i tell her wat shes doing is wrong and try to restart?
posted by Allie on 7/7/2009 @8:48:19 PM •
I think that u should tell ur friend that u dont like that u r trying to have me not like her as much and say it in a nice way, and say that u will always be my friend, and you mean a lot to me but i dont like that u have been doing this.
posted by Alyssa on 7/10/2009

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