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"Should I put him out?"
My youngest daughter and her fiance moved in with me. It was to be temporary until the economy crashed. He is 26 and very selfish, inconsiderate, little respect for women, and feel he does not need to change. My daughter makes excuse for him and refuses to see that his present is causing issues in our home. It is like rising another kid. My oldest daughter and I are always correcting his behavior. I know I should send him packing but I don't know how to deal with my daughter. They have a one year old. He keeps the baby while my daughter works which has been a scary experience because he is immature and irresponsible and always playing games on the computer. What's your opinion?
posted by Annette (age 54) on 7/9/2009 @5:49:10 PM •
As children we learned.."my house", MY RULES. This is not your DAUGHTER'S FIANCE'S ( WHY AREN'T THEY COMMITTED; THEY HAVE A CHILD) HOME. The home is for all family.
You and your oldest daughter constantly "correct him"??

The main concern is the baby. Period end of story. If your daughter chooses to live with her baby's daddy and her baby with YOU-then lay down the law, woman! When you are in my house-you obey my rules. It's not a dry's life. He who pays the fiddler chooses the music. No shirt, no responsibilty: no food.A woman has got to do what a woman has got do do! Stop running around the May pole and put your foot down!
posted by Lu on 7/20/2009
Put your foot down. It is your home-not his, or either of your girls. If he has no responsibility-you're not helping him.
A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do.
posted by Lu on 7/20/2009

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