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"Me and My ex"
Me and my ex, we are sort of friends. we e mail like everyday, He e mailed me asking if you could do anything in the world rite now what would it be, I said that you wouldnt have to move, I asked him he said I have to sleep on it, So i said ok then have a good nites sleep then and i will ask you later, Nite, Bye. Then once i shut down the computer he said if you are still online I will answer the question. He said that Why do you think that I am talking to you, You know what it is. So to me it sounds like he was hinting around the fact that he still likes me. And i still like him
posted by Alyssa on 7/10/2009 @11:58:13 AM •
Well if you to still like each other then go for it. He is hinting but its pretty lame he doesn't just tell you how he feels.
posted by Gabby on 7/29/2009
ok i do still have feelings for him but i dont know how he feels, and he just moved, he moved 2 hours away, we still e mail but not to often like we use to.
posted by Alyssa on 8/2/2009

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