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"need some help"
i am in a realationship that i want to be in. my girl friend and i both have daughters from other realationships and the other ones didnt want anythin to do with the kids. My daughter just turned 4 and has only seen her mom once sence she was 6 months and hers just turned 11 and her dad left befor she was born. Well we are having some problems and i know its not all her but she is realy realy moody. its not all the time but it is most of the time. she works two jobs and i know that is part of it but i not sure what the rest is. we have talked about it alot and i have asked her what it is im doing wrong and she says its not me its just how she is and it makes me upset when she is like that. i do all i can to help her out to make thing easer on her. i cook, clean, take the kids out, take her dinner, help her dad when he needs help, go to one of her jobs to help her out, do anything she asks or needs. I have evan payed off most of my bills and moved in with her so i can help her pay her bills so she can quit one job. Some times things are great but then it can change in no time at all and then we are upset at each other. another thing that gets to me is she has a hard time touching me or holding my hand. we have also talk about that and she said that its cuz she has a hard time being touchy feely cuz she never got that growing up and that it has nothing to do with me. that makes me feel like crap cuz i love being touched. i dont know what to do or where to go. Our kids get along good and i love her daughter like she is mine. I love her with all i have and want no one els. sometimes she will be real distant. I know for a fact that she wants me to and would never cheat on me so i know its not that. could someone give me some advices on what to do pleas. thank you
posted by jay (age 27) on 7/12/2009 @8:29:45 PM •
Has your friend been tested for bi-polar, manic depression. Maybe even her diet plays a role in the "mood swings". Does she show her daughter love, affection and kissy, huggy emotions?
She is using the push me, pull you...the more you ask for the less you will receive. Let go and Let God.
Why you worry is also a puzzle. Just stop. Take a long look in the mirror, do you like the person you see. Worry causes no results.
Stop everything you are doing for her and insist see a doctor. You're not helping her; you are hurting yourself. In my opinion, you must love yourself first before anyone else loves you. This does not sound like love in any way, shape or form. I recommend "Fifty ways to Leave your "Lover"...
Make a new plan, Stan; hop on the bus, Gus...

Either a doctor or an exit, which is the less of two evils...not niceness, love or infatuation-evil.
Good Luck
posted by Lu (age 10123) on 7/24/2009

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