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"7th grade questions"
I need to know if it's cool to wear pink, who i should hang with, if i should ditch my glasses, and how do i change how i look, and how to be cool?
posted by Courtney (age 12) on 7/13/2009 @7:29:46 PM •

My best advice to you would be, "Be yourself". Don't get all wrapped up in cool and not cool. Hang with friends that care about you and have your best interests in their hearts. There are lots of ways to change your look but only do it to please yourself. You are the most important person in your life. Make choices that you are proud of. Try and remember that 10-20 years from now this day won't even matter but who you are in your heart will.

Good luck!!
posted by Reta (age 33) on 7/15/2009

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