life advice (post new situation)
"Do I move or do I stay?"
My situation... Well, I was married for about ten years to a good guy that didn't love me. We have four amazing children. Since the split I have met the man of my dreams. We have been together for 5 months now. He is everything I have ever wanted or needed in my life and a real answer to my prayers. He loves my kids and they love him. The only problem is that he works 4 hours away and we only get to see each other every other weekend. We have decided to buy a house closer to where he works and have the kids and me move out there and start fresh. The kids are completely on board with this as is my ex (is he happy to be rid of me?). Arrangements have been made for my ex to still see the kids as often as possible. I would have to quit my job and pack up my kids and move them away from the city we have lived in all their lives. Honestly, I hate my job and would be able to stay home to take care of the kids for a while if we moved. Sometimes I am scared that I am making the wrong choice by moving and other times I know that it is the most positive thing to happen in our lives thus far. What should I do?
posted by Reta on 7/15/2009 @10:21:26 AM •
umm...jus go ahed nd move...u didnt love ur job..but i gess u get to be in a different place with tha man u loove(:
posted by stephany on 7/19/2009
I am in the same situation-- Life is short you deserve love and happiness everyone is COMPLETELY ON BOARD- your kids (I have 3) will adapt. When children come from a loving home and see two people who love each other it can make all the difference in the world. You are scared and overwhelmed by change- so am I. But you do know a little bit of what is waiting for you and so far it sounds all good- a man who loves you- staying home with the kids(can be for a while- whatever you can take- not so easy sometimes) and a start of the rest of your life. I
posted by Nizi on 7/22/2009

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