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"what to do when everything failed"
on our third year,we have to train onboard shipping vessels. problem is, I didn't pass my medical exam.I'm unfit for the shipboard training. I can't graduate my course without it.So my plan doesn't go the way i want it to be.It's an absolute failure.Now, i have to take medications and wait for 4 months till I'm okey again to take med exam.Gosh, it's really so hard to take. all my plans are ruined, everything.I can't sleep properly at night. I can't even laugh out loud.I don't know if God has a different plan for me but it really hurts to take.
posted by benz (age 19) on 7/16/2009 @4:26:03 AM •
Your training and medical condition are two seperate problems. Why do think God wants you to be a failure? As far as I can's a four month sabatical to use anyway you want. Take your medicine, BELEIVE you will accomplish your goals and for the Love of God; know All things are possible thru Him.
posted by Lu on 7/22/2009

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