relationship advice (post new situation)
I'm engaged and in love with someone else.. I've known my fiance for 6years and for some odd reason this special person that i'm in love with keeps popping up in my life. we have history together. We just decided to go our seperate way because of unselfish reasons.(children) Now he is back in my life and truly I never stop loving him. I'm confuse because my fiance is a good man, but not in love with him. what should I do?
posted by nita on 7/16/2009 @3:13:22 PM •
"Popping"in and out of one's life is not a commitment. It is a very selfish way of keeping tabs on you.
Tell "popup", you want a complete committment..not a jack in the box.
posted by Lu on 7/17/2009
It's a big decision, but I would say if you still love him, then make it work. Just let him know that you want a commitment, and just remember you only live once. So be happy with the one you truly love!
posted by Jen on 7/19/2009
first of all u shooldve never started relationship with some1 u dont love...its just a waste of time!! but make sur tha guy ur in loove with feels tha same way about u!!! BUT U SHOOLD END tha relationship with ur fiance..cuz its jus a waste of time!!(:
posted by stephany (age 125418) on 7/19/2009

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