family advice (post new situation)
I live next door to my husband's first cousin. His daughter is my husband's 2nd cousin. She is fine one day and then Bamn..she's not talking to you. This has happened twice in the past six years. Hurt me once, shame on you..Hurt me twice..not happening
posted by Lu (age 60) on 7/17/2009 @2:20:48 PM •
I hate when people do this - not many do it but it happens. If you see no reason why she is not speaking to you and it is hurting you - be done. DOnt waste your energy. Mourn her in some way -cry, write a letter you wont send to get your feelings out- and move on with your daily life- if you have and ending with her in your head you will be able to deal better with her
posted by Nizi on 7/23/2009

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