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"Need Help!!!"
I am dating this great guy, he loves me so much. He would do anything to make me happy. But I don't feel the same way about him. I do like him, but my ex and I are friends. We dated for 4yrs. We broke up because he cheated on me, and got the girl pregnant. They ended up getting married and having another kid. After a couple of yrs. later we ran into each other again, and decided to be friends. Well he calls me and txtís me almost every day. We meet up every once in a while, but on one of the those days he confessed to me that he still loves me and canít forget about me. He said he would leave his family for me, because he loves me and that he canít be happy with her. I still have feeling for him, but I donít think I could live happy knowing that I broke up a family, and broke the other guyís heart. Please help!!!!
posted by Jen (age 20) on 7/19/2009 @9:46:18 AM •
I dont think you should be with your ex why until now does he realize that he wants to be with you after so long?
posted by karina (age 21) on 7/19/2009
id think u should b-leeve ur ex..wat if he does the same thing to u agen!!! but..if u dnt love ur current boyfrend..then u should leave him to!!!! how about u just get out of town and find/meet new ppl!! it woold b best..but jus do wat u think is right....rite??(:
posted by stephany (age 15) on 7/19/2009

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