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"Should I move?"
3 years ago I left my abusive alchoholic husband- we lived overseas for many years- i took the 3 kids and came to Connecticut- kids adapted just fine. (Husband still oversees in China- financially supports us) I met a wonderful loving man who I have been dating for 2.5 years -he is from NY. He has now asked me to move to NY so we can be together - instead of us driving 40 minutes) (he has asked me to marry/live in) he has 2 kids everyone gets on well. I do not want to cohabitate with him - but am willing to rent a place close by. Should I do this? My kids are in 6th, 4th and preschool. If I wait it will be harder on the kids..
posted by Nizi (age 40) on 7/22/2009 @9:28:29 PM •
Girl, girl, girl,...Move on, move up and be strong. This man ask you to marry him! You don't hear this today...if you love him:MARRY HIM!

Children adjust. At six, at ten at 17; children who feel love will adjust. Love them. Simply, love them
posted by Lu (age 60) on 8/4/2009
I would marry him and move in with him. You can move on in life and , if you dont already, get a job so you can cut your ex husband out of your life totally. Emotionally, physically and financially.
posted by Sandre on 8/7/2009

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