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"Relationship trouble"
Hello, I am currently in a very healthy serious relationship with my girlfriend. Everything was going very smooth up until today. While she was off at work I was bored and decided to look at porn, which I NEVER do, I dont know what made me today. Anyway I came across a picture that looked like her, and contemplated exiting out and convincing myself that I was crazy, unfortunately I did not listen to myself, and that picture was of her, with her ex boyfriend. About 15 private pictures that I could have lived without seeing. I don't know how to approach her if I even should. I feel if I dont approach her this will build up inside me and do something awful. I feel so shaken up and nervous. I'm not mad at the pictures I'm just confused of how to get rid of this feeling. Please any advice would be good advice I dont know who else to ask.
posted by annynomous on 7/24/2009 @10:50:51 AM •
If your relationship is healthy as you say, you should have never looked at porn when she went to work. How old are the pictures you looked at? Was it before you came into her life? If your bringing up things that happened before you came along, it would just make her upset to find out you are jealous over nothing and you felt you had to look at porn while she was at work. So leave it alone.
posted by josie on 7/29/2009

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