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"Boyfriend's friends"
I come from a small town and my boyfriend moved here a few years ago. He is a very popular guy and has made a lot of friends, fast. But they all happen to be the people that made my life growing up awful. I do not have great self-confidence, mostly thanks to these people and have very few close friends. Every time I hear him talk about hanging out with them and he tells me they know me, I feel so uncomfortable. I have no idea what his friends have said about me, or if they say anything at all other then they know me. I just feel so uncomfortable. Please help me.
posted by Miranda (age 23) on 7/24/2009 @5:25:52 PM •
Even though I'm only 13 I have the same problem. My boyfriend is a year older and like yours is pretty popular. Finally I got tired of dating the hot popular guy. So I told him how I felt. And if your man is a good one he'll listen and try to fix what he can.
posted by Rylee (age 13) on 7/31/2009

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