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I met this guy at my friend's wedding. he kind seem like a nice guy. it's been a week since i know him. At first the connection was great b/w the both of us until he came over to my house. He had spent the night and the next morning asked me for $20 to get gas because he hadn't gotten paid from work. i was baffled, but i gave to him. i tried not to let that bother me, so i kept talking to him.

We havent yet gone on any dates, we 've been hanging out at his/my place. Yes, we 've had sex. he says he loves and want to marry me. I feel he is full of sh*t and i want to break it off with him but i'm confused. I dont feel the connection anymore with him, i guess the fact that he asked me for money the 5th day after we met and im paying for chinese food while im visiting him at his place, kinda turned me off.
what should i do?????????
posted by Oge (age 31) on 7/26/2009 @9:14:28 PM •
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