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i am 14 years old, and i am about 20 pounds overweight. what kind of diet should i go on? i dont want to have to do anything hard where i have to order special foods through the t.v. what should i do???? i play soccer, and run cross country and i have been doing a lot of excersize at the gym. why arent i losing the weight???????
posted by katelin (age 14) on 7/27/2009 @11:23:38 AM •
The foods you eat are just as important as the exercise. You dont really need to go on any special diet. Just eat the right kinds of foods. Cut back on sugar, greasy food, fast food, calories, all those things. Eat vegetables, Special K, baked chicken or fish, yogurt.....things like that.
posted by sandre on 8/7/2009
Also your still very young and its only 20lbs. Your body will grow into its weight.
posted by sandre on 8/7/2009
stay away from foods high in fat, and if that's not possible, eat HALF of what you would normally eat. if you want a burger only eat half. never drink soda, only water. make sure you eat breakfast every morning such as healthy cereal with fat free milk. portions your use to, don't eat everything on your plate! make sure you don't eat after 7pm. eat balanced meals and plenty of fruits and vegetables. stay away from fast food chains altogether!!! bring your lunch to work and school and pack enough healthy snacks to last you throughout the day. don't give up on exercise results will come just be patient. healthy weight loss is about a lb to 1/2 a lb a week. good luck!
posted by suzane (age 25) on 9/20/2009

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