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What can I do if no boys will notice me?
posted by Christina (age 14) on 7/29/2009 @4:49:59 PM •
well christian! there are many ways to get a boy to notice you just make sure never dress ****y they will get the wrong idea of you..and think of you as just a play toy best thing to do is socialize more put yourself out there for the world to see and know just be careful.
posted by Gabby (age 16) on 7/30/2009
continue to be yourself. .you are only 14 im sure the right guy will come. don't do anything that will compromise your integrity. being you is the best possible thing you can do.
posted by erica on 7/30/2009
If guys won't notice you, then just go up to them and start talking. I know it sounds scary, but I did that and that's how I got my boyfriend that I'm with right now. But if you don't you'll never know. And if they don't like you for who you are... that's their loss not yours.
posted by Rylee (age 13) on 7/31/2009

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