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"What should i do!!!? so confused..."
Ok well i was in a year and a half relationship with a guy i really loved and really accepted for once i actually felt valuable..but in January of this year it all went to crap...i found out he cheated on me with a guy..i guess they kissed or something...and he went out with him while i was out of town for the day...that day i broke down he had no idea i know until i vented to one of my friends and she told the guy he cheated on me with this guy called me apologizing to me and told me the story then i question my ex(bf at the time) and heard his side of the story they were both different...after that he was always depressed and broke up with me even though i tried working thinks out.. two days later i find out hes with a girl going out on dates with her and messing around and was still flirting with the hurt me so much...then he accused me of so much crap you have no clue...then after this girl he got with the guy he cheated on me with for two days and left him...then he got with my friend....they both hurt me so much..because that friend was telling me everything they were doing with each other....then he got back with the girl he was messing around with the first time...and she left him for his best friend this girl only used my ex for her needs....and then he got back with me...but he told me he loved me but wasn't in love with me anymore and he wasn't happy anymore.....and said he couldn't do it anymore it lasted a week then he got his new and current gf..a week later after leaving me i deleted him off my myspace and never talked to him after that because it hurt so much...and i had to see them at school i stopped going to school i couldn't handle it anymore...then out of no where...he begged me to talk to him again cuz he couldn't handle me out of his i added him back and didn't really talk to him...later his gf who i never spoke to in my life was telling him i told her things..and he went off on me...that night i ended up in a mental health institution for having an emotional overload and i tried to do something stupid i just wanted to end the pain...i couldn't handle it anymore..when i got out he apologized.
and then later on it happened again cuz his gf found out he cheated on me with a guy and he actually asked me that time and i told him i never talked to her in my life which i never have that really upset-ed me....he then deleted me off myspace and during that time i got my 2nd bf and he was depressed and worried? and told me now i know how u felt when u saw me and my current gf together he told me this after i broke up with my 2nd bf and recently he texted me and we actually had a real conversation..then he told me i don't think me and my gf are going to last for long! why would he tell me that?!! he then kept bringing up things from the past that we use to do...and he kept telling me i was a great gf and person...and he wished he could be like that..he said he was trying to be a better person...but why would he bring up the past and keep texting me constantly and telling me i was beautiful..? he then invited me to a support group and i decided to go...and he ignored me.... the second time i went he did talk to me...his friend told me he still really loved me...but didn't want me to know...and then yesterday that same person mentioned that he said he loves alot of girls but doesn't do anything about it...he even mentioned that he would be with the girl he was messing with two days after we broke up bf in a heart beat...then i asked him if it was hard seeing me and he said yes but is getting past it idk what he means by that when last week he was telling his friend he still loves me ..? i feel like hes playing games....idk what to do anymore...i need advice really bad....i keep wanting to bring this up to him but idk how.....its hurting me maybe i shouldn't bring it up to him?..idk i need i just need advice on what to do...and he is still with his current gf...
posted by Gabby (age 16) on 7/29/2009 @11:28:19 PM •
Your too young to be going through all this. You need to find someone else, its obvious he's playing games. Think about your safety he is going from one partner to the next. Start new find someone else there are some good guys out there.
posted by advisor on 7/30/2009
i think you should REALLY let him go. you seem like a nice girl and i totally think you deserve better than this guy. he put you thru way too much. .don't talk to him anymore and if you must. .explain to him exactly how you feel. .tell him that he is playing with you. .and youre tired of it, etc. .whatever else you need to say and dont tlk to him anymore. he's messing up your life and apparently your health. no guy is worth that. i hope this helps.
posted by erica on 7/30/2009
I'm sorry about that. Almost the same thing happened to my best friend. But he's a guy and was dating a girl who was actually bi and had oral sex with a girl. He had already fallen in love with her and this happened like a year ago and he still hasn't gotten over it but I don't blame him.
posted by Rylee (age 13) on 7/31/2009
I am SO sorry to here bout that, u have gone through a lot and again i am sorry, but u need to try and remove him from ur life for good and if he tries to smooth talk u, u need him tell him this isnt going to work, i cant keep putting myself through this pain, he isnt worth it, no guy is worth ur tears, even though it is hard, it will get better
posted by Alyssa on 8/2/2009

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