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"I have nothing!"
This is so embarassing for me to discuss I do not want anyone around me to know my financial situation I am just looking for advice from someone who may be able to give me some good words of encouragment. I lost my job about 6 weeks ago. At the time my boyfriend had just broken up with me and our lease was up on our house. I had no where to go and only enough money for one more car payment. My ex boyfriends parents told me I could move in to their garage apartment if I needed to. So here's where I stand...I have NO money...and by no I mean maxed the credit card, my bank account is $300 negative, and I think I have two quarters in my wallet. My car payments are 2 months behind, my gas tank is on Empty, and my cell phone has been turned off. My ex-boyfriends parents live in the country which is about 20 miles from the nearest Walmart or restaurant to find a job at. I have applied for 24 jobs and have not heard back on a single one. I have no family to help me. I feel like I have lost all hope. Can anyone out there give me any advice? Thank you so much in advance.
posted by jackie (age 26) on 7/31/2009 @10:12:46 AM •
If you have any girlfriends, call them. I wouldn't move into an aptartment belonging to my ex-boyfriends parents. Like you said, no work; but also a degrading situation to watch him come and go w/different women. Go to a shelter, look in ads for a roomate. You are not alone. Head up, chin high and pray. You don't always get what you want you get what you need.
posted by Lu (age 19865) on 7/31/2009
Try to contact your own parents and ask for a small amout of money. You dont have to tell them the full problem. Keep applying for jobs and SAVE whatever money you get. If you cant get employed by a facility then you can do some jobs for your ex's parents or other people around you until you get a real job.
posted by Sandre on 8/7/2009

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