relationship advice (post new situation)
I think I'm ready for sex and I know my boyfriend is, but am I to young? What if I get pregnant or an STD? I need help.
posted by Rylee (age 13) on 7/31/2009 @11:10:40 PM •
ok u may think that u r ready for sex but u may not be, u r pretty young and u want to make sure that ur first time is with some that u truely love. remeber love is a very strong word. There is that risk that u may get pregnant, or even std's, so in my opinion u should NOT have sex, u should wait til the time is rite and u r prepared, physically, mentally, and importantly emotionally.
posted by Alyssa on 8/2/2009
WHOA! i would wait, my cousin is 13 and had sex with her bf, now shes pregent with twins, and wishes she never had sex, and could just wait, a lot of times girls that have sex this early in life, will wake up one morning and be really depressed and feel all used up, wouldent it just be better to wait until you know your with the right person? or at least wait until ur like a shopmore in high school, and yes i do have to admet, sex sounds pretty fun, but it would just be better to wait. :]
posted by Julianne (age 14) on 8/4/2009
o another thing, if u really want too, i would recamend a condom, or birth control,
posted by Julianne (age 14) on 8/4/2009
It's very tempting I know, but sex before marrige is a mistake. I know from experience. You can get pregnant, get AIDS-a life threatining disease, or other stds. The person you're with could easily leave you in any of these cases and you'd be on your own. You should really wait for the right person and when you're married. This is a life changing descision and I strongly advise you not to do it.
posted by Expert on 8/4/2009

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