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"Clingy GirlFriend"
So i have been dating this girl for two years and it just seems like her life revolves around me. She wouldn't eat anything if we get into a fight and she has to talk to me until the fight is resolved which has led to many countless nights of no sleep. And its like she has to talk to me everyday, if she doesn't than she would stay up and the next day make me feel bad about it. She is also so sensitive that i even tried hinting her but she would break into tears and try and make me feel bad about it that how i am such a bad boyfriend. Its scary to tell her any truth because she would just stop eating until i say "ohh okay i didn't mean it, it was my anger talking." and like i really love this girl but now it is just getting really hard to handle the relationship.
posted by cody (age 21) on 8/2/2009 @1:21:15 PM •
ok i say that she is sort of mean to u for saying that u are a bad boyfriend she needs to take some constructive critism, and if she stops eating just tell her that u not eating isnt good for u and i really care bout u, so dont scare me by not eating and starving your self
posted by alyssa on 8/2/2009
Cody - If you like her then convey her the message on how you would like to see her moving forward. If you are not feeling well about the relationship then the earlier you break up the better and easier for you both. Try to talk to her and be firm on your decision but not rude. All the very best!
posted by Sri on 8/5/2009

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