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"I'm stressing...PLEASE HELP!"
I am a 21 yr old full time student. my father passed in 2006 unexpededly and now my sis and i are the sole breadwinners of the family of 6. the job i am at now i completely loathe, but i can't quit because i am one of the reliable sources of income. no one is hiring and i can't focus on my studies while working full time. i have two freeloading siblings living in the house who are capable of working but won't. i would move out on my own but i can't afford to and my mother is ill, so i would not want to leave her that way. i can't sleep thinking about this all the time. what should i do?? PLEase help me...
posted by B (age 21) on 8/2/2009 @10:17:30 PM •
I would tell your siblings that they need to earn their keep and get a job. You should stress the situation to them and tell them they should be more responsible and help. That way you could make your job only part time since you would have two other sources of income. If not (depending on age) I would tell them they would have to move out.
posted by Sandre on 8/7/2009

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