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""Gift Horse""
A good friend subscribed me to a newspaper as a gift. I do NOT want it, but neither do I want to hurt her feelings. It's a hometown newspaper where I lived as a child, and many unhappy memories took place there and my friend is aware of that. I can throw it out each wk. but it will be a source of irritation and upsetting to me. I honestly do NOT want this gift.
posted by Monica on 1/5/2008 @1:00:39 AM •
i can think of two options:

1. cancel your subscription. you don't have to ever tell your friend. just call the newspaper.

2. tell the newspaper to change your address and give them the address of someone who would like to have the subscription. that way, no $$ was wasted and you don't have to feel guilty about anything. someone else may really enjoy it.

sorry that happened. you really do need to do something so you don't have to deal with whatever feelings the memories bring up every month.
posted by mary on 1/5/2008
Bad gifts always upset me for some reason. They make me sad, and I feel kinda sorry for the person that got it for me... Anyway, I agree with Mary. You can cancel or change the gift, and your friend never has to know. That way, nobody's upset...
posted by Rojo on 1/5/2008

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