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"never had a bf. haha had to fix it..."
im going into high school and ive had only 2 bfs and they turned out to be total perverted jerks. i need hel on how to get a real guyfriend that might actully like me for who i am, lots of guys hav liked me before but they never ask me out, i hear them say stuff about me all the time, its usally like "shes cute, but she has really pale skin" and well i do, idk y i atract bad guys, but it confuses me and i need advice and how i can actully get a nice guy
posted by Julianne (age 14) on 8/4/2009 @2:34:37 PM •
I can give you pointers on how to find a nice guy...but it is important for you to find yourself, first. You have an eternity to "get"a guyfriend

In short, I'm saying..grow up before you rush to get any boy in your life. The more you KNOW..the easier it will be to find what you want.
posted by Lu on 8/4/2009
Julianne - For any relationship to build friendship is the key. Have fun and enjoy with your friends but not expect any thing from it. Make friends and move with them to see if you like their behaviour and they like yours. Remember always there is someone looking for you but don't push for it as strong relationsships build over a period of time and not in the spur of the moment. Hope this helps! Have fun and all the very best!
posted by Sri on 8/5/2009
it's not that you attract bad guys - it's just that they're the only ones brave enough to hit on you! and take it from a guy - you can't change the bad ones into good ones. even if it really really REALLY seems like you can. you can't. they can change if that want, of course. but bad guys can't be fixed by somebody...
posted by jon on 8/7/2009

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