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"Dirty Boyfriend"
i am 12 years old and all my boyfriend want is to have sex with me. I keep telling him that i am to young but all he says to me it'll be over if u let me hit at dat.WHAT DO I DO
posted by Shalahna (age 12) on 8/6/2009 @8:48:56 AM •
you've got to move on. if somebody's pressuring you, then they really don't care. nobody should pressure you to do anything you don't want - even if it's something as small as trying to get you to eat cake, or as big as your situation.

the guy isn't worth it. for real.
posted by jon on 8/7/2009
DUDE UR 12!!!! the guy is obviously a perverted kid, and it only get worse as he gets older, get him in a serious conversation and if he still wants u too then break up with him, ur too young girly
posted by Julianne (age 15) on 8/18/2009

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