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I have put myself in the worst situation. I am now a senior in highschool and may not graduate on time. I have been givin the option to join a program and get my GED now and start community college so I will be a year ahead. The only other option is to graduate in summerschool and also pay alot of money to make up classes so I will be able to graduate on time.
posted by sandra (age 17) on 8/7/2009 @12:59:18 PM •
that's a hard one! for me, i wouldn't want to give up senior year. but.. i also wouldn't want to go to summer school and pay alot of money... i guess the social has to be weighted against which is the most logical. if the social part (just being a senior and stuff) is worth the extra time and expense, then don't worry about the GED. but... if you're really ready to get the grown-up stuff started (graduating, then college, etc.), the first route might be the best.

it's hard because there's not a clear perfect decision!
posted by jon on 8/7/2009
I know. Im not so much worried about the social part of being a senior in highschool. Ive basically screwed myself in enjoying that year because I would be to worried about it being last year in being able to make up classes. I kinda dont wanna do the college thing only because of the thought of getting a GED instead of a Highschool Diploma. Im more focused on my future and how the decision will play out for me.
posted by sandre on 8/7/2009
if you're trying to focus on the future, i'd get my high school diploma for sure. it looks better than a g.e.d. on paper and employers look for that stuff. with that said, if you do plan to go to college, a g.e.d. would suffice because after you would have your degree, employers wouldn't be so interested in your high school stuff. getting a g.e.d. instead of diploma makes someone look (from an employers standpoint) like they aren't willing to put in time or effort.

good luck with your decision! :)
posted by amber (age 23) on 8/7/2009

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