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"hoping for approval"
i'm bisexual. i've been for a while. and i'm terrified to tell my friends. i'm afraid that they will think i'm interested in them, when reallyy i'm not. i'm not sure how to go about telling them. i haven't told a single person. i was thinking about telling just one of my friends to start off with, one i really trut, or just wait a while and tell everyone. i'm just afraid of losing one of my reallyy good friends. i know a lot of people from my school who exclude and harass gay/lesiben/bisexual people, and i don't want to get on anyone's bad side. i know a lot of my friends tend to side with the more powerful people and i couldn't stand the thought of them avoiding me. should i tell them?? and if so how?? i need opinions and everything that seems helpful.
posted by emmy on 8/7/2009 @8:41:49 PM •
I don't understand your urgency. You know you're bisexual. I think -You are the only person who counts in your life.
Telling a really trusted friend is an error. You tell her, she tells her and she tells her...It will never stop.
Anyone (it sounds like a majority of your "friends") who continues to to push negative influences ARE NOT THE PEOPLE TO TELL. Be positive, be strong and wait until you make a "better caliber " of friend.
posted by Lu (age 3567) on 8/11/2009

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