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I am recently engaged to my long-distance boyfriend. We are from 2 different states next to each other. We have recently purchased a home in the middle. I am still traveling long-distance (160 miles each visit)until I tranfer jobs here. However, my future Husband's family (Mother and Elderly Grandparents) are constantly asking us to do things for them. We now live 45 miles away from them. None of them can drive. His mother has no job or driver's license. They want us to drive them around all the time but the miles are adding up! I hate putting miles on my car. They make us feel guilty like we should have no problem helping them, but my Husband-to-be works full-time and goes to school! I am also working full time and working on my Master's degree. He visits every week to cut their grass and I took them grocery shopping a few days ago. It hasn't even been a week and they need us again! What should I do? How can I tell them Enough is Enough!?
posted by Andrea (age 23) on 8/11/2009 @5:32:04 PM •
I would tell them politely that you guys cant come out everyday to help them. You could try and compromise about when you would be available
posted by sandre on 8/12/2009

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