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Im a very introvert person. (Im not shy I just keep alot of things inside.) Well Ive been having alot of problems lately and I think I need to see a pschologist or someone to talk about it. But I REALLY dont want my family to know Im having any problems (They are very worrisome people and I feel that would only make it worse) and being a VERY Introverted person Im not sure a pschologist could even help me because I have problems comepletly expressing my thoughts/feelings with anyone. So should I waste the money, time, and risk letting my family know I need to see one for what could possibly be no reason?
posted by -- (age 17) on 8/12/2009 @6:19:02 PM •
If you want to talk to a psychologist, do so. Remember, if you speak to a psychologist, you and the professional will be the only ones who will know about what is going on.
posted by Marie on 8/17/2009
You should see a psychologist at least one time and see how it goes. Plus, don't think you do not have a valid reason for going. If u are feeling bad and need someone who is objective to talk to, then u have a reason...

I continued to have my sessions for quite awhile before I shared it with my family. My family continues to believe that it is all "bunk" and that if I just wake up in the morning and tell myself that I am going to have a "good day"...then it will happen.

Needless to say, I found my doctor's advice more substantial and worthwhile. My family may never understand, but I feel better and that is what counts.

Another thing, I considered seeing a therapist when I was your age and didn't do it b/c I was afraid of the stigma until I was in my 30's and found it hard to function. I cannot believe how much time I wasted when I could have been feeling better.
posted by tricia (age 38) on 8/19/2009

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