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Ok where do i begin my Dad works alot of the time so my sister, my mom, and me hardlt see him. He has been off work for a while now and so far at least twice a week my dad takes me out to practice my archery. But as soon as we get home my lil'sis put's on this big show about how it's unfair that she doesn't get to do archery when he asked if she wanted to come. Then last night i heard my mom talking with my dad and because of her little show my dad is going to take her to edmonton sometime next week and spend the night. And i think that it's totaly unfair considering that he has missed my last 3 b-days and came to all of hers so what should i do?
posted by confused big time on 1/5/2008 @1:09:30 AM •
A few months ago, I was talking to my Mom about having to ride the bus to school when I was kid. I absolutely hated riding it, and she never knew. Once she found out how much I disliked it, she said, "if i had known you hated riding the bus, I would have never made you ride it!" So, I guess what I'm trying to say is... if you talk to your mom or dad about how the situation with your little sis makes you feel, you might get a really good answer. Because even though they're smart, sometimes parents don't know how you feel.
posted by Kevin on 1/5/2008
Having siblings can be very painful. I have an older brother who gets a lot more attention than me, particularly because he's so selfish and is always on the computer, always complains. But you should also see things from your sisters point of view, how old is she?

Jealousy is a very common thing in children. We all want to be better than each other, but when someone is better than us we can't hack that. Perhaps try to just let your sister go with your dad, but still talk to your dad. I know that with my parents talking wouldn't happen much because I have a strange family, lol. But try to understand. I know it is really hard, but I've grown up living in the shadow of my brother, always being the responsible child, I always got in more trouble than he did, and he got away with everything. Just because he used to complain.

Try to be a caring sister. I know it is hard. I really agree that you should talk to your parents. It sounds like your parents are more understanding than mine were, lol. Just talk to them about it and perhaps both you and your sister could go? I'm unsure what Edmonton is so I apologize if it is something like a two-person event?

So talk to your parents. Hope this helped in some way.
posted by Cassie-annabel on 1/10/2008

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