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Things were on the right path. We purchased our home, and then the Homeowners Insurance decided to up the premium on us due to us living 1 mile over the limit for the Fire Department. They asked for an additional $!200.00 which we gave them, then within a week they wanted another $800 which was hard for us. Our insurance agent told us he would see if his company would front that money, we never heard back and then the policy was cancelled. The Mtg company forced coverage on us which has not Doubled our Monthly Mtg payment. We are loosing this fight. Our bills are now behind, we are in fear of loosing the first place we can call home. I'm at a loss, the only places that will give us a loan is these payday loans. I have figured that all we need is $15000.00 that would get the Mtg paid up, Secure a new home owners policy so our monthly mgt payment would go back to where it was, and pay our bills up to date. It's finding a company that will help us with poor credit due to this situation. Anybody out there know what we can do, if we could get that loan, we would be back on track with money to spare.
posted by Anne (age 43) on 8/14/2009 @7:24:02 AM •
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