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"requited love?"
Well, it all started 4 years ago...when i moved out here to ceres with my family. I quickly fell in love with my neihbor (nash). a kind of love where no matter how much he hurt me , it never hurt enough for me to stop loving him, (and trust me he hurt me a lot.) however, he always made up for it in the sweet things he would do. ive never been with him, always wanted to but it never happend. i know he has at least and ounce of the same kind of feelings for me as i have for him. but he wont show it, mainly becuase he thinks his freinds wont approve. im starting to think the feeling i feel for him will never be requited...should i give up?
posted by Liz (age 15) on 8/16/2009 @2:39:35 PM •
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