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"Settled Debt"
Lisa lent Kathy $2,000. Kathy won a trip to Los Angeles and invited Lisa. The trip was all expense paid including airfare, 3 nights at a five star hotel, all meals paid for at five star restaurants like Kraft and Cut, a day at the spa, a night at the theater and $2,000 each spending money.

Kathy considers her debt to Lisa is more than repaid. Lisa feels that she is still owed the money.

Who is right?
posted by Karen (age 40) on 8/17/2009 @10:09:54 AM •
kathy still owes the money. she invited her friend on a trip, she didn't offer the trip as payment for the loan. unless agreed upon before the trip the loan is still owed.
posted by Jessica (age 22) on 8/22/2009
Kathy has not paid her debt...she owes Lisa $2K. It is not complicated.
A trip to the delicatessen or any other trip was not decided as payment. Tell Kathy to woman up and pay her debt. A friend is worth alot more than $2K.
posted by Lu on 8/25/2009

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