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"am I Bi?"
I am considered to be a straight male in his late 30's. when I was younger I saw my first gay porn. I became aroused and I wanted to know what it felt like (sex), so I went to a porno store and purchased a dildo 8"x2" (fairly large) I also got some lube took everything home. (the dildo had a suction cup base) So I attached it to the wall of my bed...lubed it up and used a comdom (i donno why). I perceded to ease it in as it tore through me...I ejaculated with the steady pumping. At first it hurt but my young body got accustomed to it...and it felt good. but that was over 17 years ago. Reciently I found myself at home with another dildo (just ourchased) same hurt like all hell and I bled a bit. My main question am I gay or eeven Bi?
posted by Rod on 1/5/2008 @1:54:19 AM •
It sounds to me like you are just interested in yourself, not that you are gay or bi. I think that is a common misconseption that many men have. Just because you like to experiment does not mean you are gay- just that you don't care where or how you get your gratification.
posted by Jess on 1/5/2008
liking something plastic isn't the same as liking a guy.
posted by carl on 1/5/2008

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