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"im going crazy"
hi i need help, i been involved with this guy for almost 3 years now, lately he tell me to leave him alone that he wants peace that i complain and wine to much, hes even asking people advice on how to get rid of me, i dont get why someone who i always been there for is doing this, maybe hes tires of me, but thats no reason to treat me like ****. even when i try to kiss him or touch him he pushes me away, i feel like im going crazzy i dont wanna throw 3 years down the drain. what should i do?
posted by caroline (age 23) on 8/20/2009 @6:47:00 AM •
You will throw the next three years down the drain if you don't get rid of this bum.
There is no love here..there is betrayal, deception and lies..why would anyone want that in their life?
Get up and RUN as fast as you can from this "man". He is not genuine.
posted by Lu on 8/25/2009
tell him straight to Stop messing you around & if he loves you stay with him if he dont leave him and move on you cant be with someone who you dont know if they love you & pushes you away
posted by Holly on 9/6/2009

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