relationship advice (post new situation)
okay i like this boy
and itry to talk to him ~AT~ school but some how its hard for me to talk to him and flirt.
but when i text him he barly text me back and when my friends ask him if he likes me he says im not sure but more of a yes and he thinks im hot.
and i have ask him to go to the movies and he said he would haft to ask and never said a answer.
and all these girls want him and my friends all think he likes me
(i ned help how to flirt or somthing . or dose he even sound interested in me ?)
posted by tana on 8/22/2009 @7:07:20 PM •
i say you should just ask him out your self. Dont have any of your friends do it. Just go up to him and say "i have been wanting to know if you would like to go to the movies with me?" If u are scared to do it now then it'll definitely be hard to get a bf in the long run!
posted by kat on 9/1/2009

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