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"Torn Between The 2"
I'm married with a wonderful baby but my husband got locked up and within the time he's been in there I got in contact with one of my exs. The relationship between my husband and I is really shaky, he constantly puts me down and I've been though a lot of pain in the past with him, the only reason we got married was because of my family's culture. He says he's going to change and fix everything but I'm sick and tired of waiting. My ex on the other hand, treats me like how I want to be treated, doesn't put me down and everything is great between us. {we broke up on really good terms in the past} Now that my husband is coming home I don't know what to do anymore. Should I stay with the one that doesn't treat me right and went through so much pain in the past with but yet we have a child together or do I stay with the one that treats me right but sacrifice "THE FAMILY" and my baby not having it's parents together???
posted by Tiffany on 8/26/2009 @12:31:08 AM •
I think you should be careful no matter who you choose. I don't know what your husband went to jail for, but knowing you've been with another man while he was in there won't make him a happy camper. I personally would pick my words carefully with him because I would want to be with the guy who would make me and my child happy.
Good Luck!!
posted by Samantha on 8/26/2009

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