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"My Ex-Boyfriend"
I'm absolutely in love with him still. It seems so pathetic. We dated for over a year, but the thing that put a lot of stress on our relationship was the fact that my parents didn't like him. I love his parents and they love me too. He's so sweet and treats me like the center of his world. I honestly feel like he's the one for me. What do I do? Should I try and date him even if my parents complain or should I just wait until I'm out of the house? Will he want me then?
posted by Samantha (age 16) on 8/26/2009 @11:43:51 PM •
I think that you should talk to your parents about why they dont like him. And with what ever answer they give you try to work it out with your boyfriend. For example my parents didnt like the fact that my boyfriend was always making rude comments out of jealousy. I talked with him about it we ended up making our relationship better and my parents dont have a problem with him anymore. And if you think hes the one then he'll still be around if and when you move out.
posted by Alyssa (age 16) on 8/27/2009

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