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i just had a party and had the kid that i like there. i had one of my bff's there also, and they were flirting alot and i think they like each other. i like him to and i know he likes me back, but im afraid he will ask her out! she told me that she felt bad that she liekes him, but i told her that i dont care, but i really do! i dont know what to do! please help!
posted by Angela on 12/15/2007 @8:25:03 PM •
go for it! and don't keep it to from your friend that you like this guy.if you do, you can't be upset if or when your friend goes out with him. also, if you don't give it a try, you will always wonder what could have happened.
posted by tami on 12/15/2007
I don't see the issue here. If you like him and know he likes you, why can't you ask him out? You shouldn't feel constrained by the old-fashioned standard that the guy has to ask the girl out. Lots of guys are too self conscious to take the leap because they think they are misreading the signals. Don't wait for him, or you might miss out on something special.
posted by Patrick on 12/20/2007

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