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"Boys girls or both?"
Im soo confused. Im not sure if im bisexual or straight. Im a 16 year old female. I sometimes think that i like boys to much to be gay but i catch myself looking at girls. I sometimes even picture sex with them. But i feel the same way with guys. I've never dated a girl before but sometimes i wonder what it would be like. But im completely boy crazy. Can somebody help me out?
posted by Re'ne (age 16) on 8/27/2009 @1:08:41 AM •
just because you look at girls does not mean you are gay. and the thoughts about sex are probably more because of your hormones than anything else. some things about being a teen suck and make things confusing. don't let it get to you...i promise it won't be so confusing forever. also, please don't let things from your environment make you question yourself. from what i've heard, it would be very clear if you were gay or bi - you wouldn't have to guess. if you are boy crazy, go with that...don't try to confuse yourself.
posted by sami (age 23) on 8/27/2009
its hormones, and your hormones are raging! your not bi-sexual. your BOY crazy, not girl crazy. go with that.
posted by suzi (age 22) on 9/20/2009

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